MYDIN Meriah Special Promotion (7 January 2019 - 10 January 2019)

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MYDIN Meriah Special Promotion at Peninsular Malaysia from 7 January 2019 until 10 January 2019

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MYDIN Meriah Special Promotion at Peninsular Malaysia from 7 January 2019 until 10 January 2019.

Promotion only applicable at MYDIN Peninsular Malaysia.

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Promotion start from 07 Jan 2019 until 10 Jan 2019


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MYDIN business activity is in retailing and wholesaling. The products range from food line, household, soft-lines and hard-lines items. Hard-line products include hardware, electrical, stationery, porcelain and toys. Whilst soft-line comprises of textiles and fabrics products. Food line includes confectionery, drinks and beverages, delicatessen and dairy products. In their early years of operations, MYDIN’s focus has always been in the non-food sector until they bought over the first supermarket in Selayang in 1997.

Each of the branches has their own business category, based on the capacity of goods traded. The category comprises hypermarket, mall, emporium, minimarket, convenience shop, franchise store, bazaar, premium store and premium restaurant. MYDIN operates 145 outlets nationwide including premium store named SAM’S Groceria and premium restaurant known as SAM’S Deli which located in SAM’S Groceria.

This number of outlets encompasses 24 malls, 25 hypermarkets where each is located in the malls, 16 emporiums, 3 bazaars, 2 supermarkets, 47 minimarkets (MyMydin), 12 convenience shops (MyMart), 5 franchise outlets (Mydin Mart), 5 SAM’S Groceria supermarkets, 1 stand-alone SAM’S Deli restaurants and 5 warehouses.

Above all, MYDIN operates its business based on 'Halal' concepts and stresses on honesty, sincerity and good discipline in all aspects of its business.

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