The Chicken Rice Shop Good Lunch

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The Chicken Rice Shop Good Lunch

Your lunch will never be the same with The Chicken Rice Shop.

With a variety of deals that’ll suit your tastes and preferences, your weekday lunches will be something to look forward to! You can also upgrade some meals to our limited-time dish, Triple Ong Chicken!

Savers Good Lunch
- Single Combo Meal*
  (Choice of Steamed/Roast/Soy Sauce/Prime Homey BBQ Chicken/Hainanese Curry Chicken)
- 1 12oz Soft Drink

Healthy Good Lunch
- Single Serve Chicken Breast*
  (Choice of Steamed/Roast/Soy Sauce)
- Ipoh Bean Sprouts (small)
- 1pc Braised Tofu & 1pc Braised Egg
- 1 Bowl of Chicken Rice
- 1 Soup of the day
- 1 12oz Soya Bean

Lunch for 2
- 1/4 Chicken*
  (Choice of Steamed/Roast/Soy Sauce)
- Ipoh Bean Sprouts (regular)
- Sai To Fish Ball Soup (regular)
- 2 Bowls of Chicken Rice
- 2 Soup of the day
- 2 12oz Soft Drink

Ladies Good Lunch
- Gado-gado (small)
- Penang Rojak (small)
- 1 12oz Drink

Noodle Good Lunch
- Any Noodles
- 2pcs Nyonya Pai Tee
- 1 12oz Soft Drink

*Add RM1.00 to change chicken portion to drumpstick.
**Outlets in Kedah, Kelantan & Terengganu are from Sun-Thurs. Outlets in Johor are from Mon-Thurs, except on Public Holidays.
Good Lunch sets are not applicable with any discount, promotion or coupon. Dini-in only. Not valid for bulk orders. All prices are inclusive Service Charge and Service Tax(SST). Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Free refill of soft drink is not valid for Good Lunch Promotion. Not valid in Genting Highlands Premium Outlets and KLIA2. Price vary at outlets in East Malaysia.

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