Kedai Ayamas 15th & 30th Offer RM20.90 Only

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Kedai Ayamas 15th & 30th Offer RM20.90 Only

[15th & 30th Special Offer]

Everyone is willing to keep themselves hungry to satisfy their cravings for Ayamas whole roasters at only RM20.90 (golder/pepper) or RM22.90 (percik). YES you heard that right, from RM20.90! Now you can save more with Ayamas on the 15th & 30th of every month. Valid for take away only.

Pasti ramai yang sanggup berlapar demi nak mengisi perut dengan ayam panggang Ayamas yang berharga RM20.90 (golder/pepper) atau RM22.90 (percik)seekor. Ya seekor cuma dari RM20.90! Kini anda lebih jimat dengan Ayamas pada setiap 15 & 30 haribulan setiap bulan. Sah untuk pembelian bawa pulang sahaja.

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*Prices shown are inclusive of 6% SST.
*Other terms & conditions apply.

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Promotion start from 15/01/2019


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About Kedai Ayamas
Kedai Ayamas is the first company in Malaysia to introduce the sales of chicken and chicken-based products through a network of company-owned, air-conditioned stores - chicken boutiques. (Traditionally, live birds were slaughtered and sold only in 'wet' markets). Kedai Ayamas chain markets HALAL, high quality branded chicken that is hygienically processed and packed in the Company's own plants.

In addition to its chilled chicken products and value-added further processed poultry products, the Kedai Ayamas retail chain was the first in the country to offer a delicious array of chicken roasters and light chicken-based snacks. One can easily purchase nutritious and tasty, ready-to-eat food for convenient takeaway, ready-to-cook frozen products, fresh chilled chicken and sundry products ranging from special sauces to confectionery and beverages.

The first convenience store was opened at Seapark on 29 April 1988. Today, it has 48 stores nationwide. This is basically a store with a ratio of 30:70 in terms of retailing chicken meat versus sundry goods that complement chicken product.

Each year, more and more outlets are added to the chain; and these are styled to place greater emphasis on the sale of high-margin ready-to-eat gourmet chicken products.

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