THEFACESHOP 1+1 Promotion

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THEFACESHOP Malaysia is offering 1+1 Promotion. This promotion is valid from 2 May 2017 to 31 May 2017. Terms and conditions apply. 

Promotion start from 02 May 2017 until 31 May 2017

Posted on 18 May, 2017


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Launched in 2003, THEFACESHOP showed remarkable accomplishment in both Korea and overseas and strengthened its position as a global leading cosmetic brand.

The brand essence of THEFACESHOP is inspired by nature and believes that there is a natural beauty to everyone.

As Korea’s first cosmetic company committed to nature, THEFACESHOP creates products from approximately 600 natural ingredients such as flowers, grains, plants, fruits, mineral water, and oriental medicine to nourish and revitalize the skin.

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