Baskin Robbins KLCC Opening Promotion 31% OFF (25 January 2020)

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Baskin Robbins KLCC Opening Promotion 31% OFF on 25 January 2020

Baskin Robbins KLCC Opening Promotion 31% OFF from 25 January 2020 until 25 January 2020.

Baskin Robbins are now officially scooping in KLCC!

Come and enjoy 31% off on Single King scoop and get RM3.10 voucher while stock last.

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Promotion valid on 25 Jan 2020

Posted on 25 Jan, 2020


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About Baskin-Robbins
The birth of Baskin-Robbins were traced back to the year 1945 in Los Angeles, were our founders, Mr. Burt Baskin and Mr. Irv Robbins started their first store by injecting creative ingenuity and philosophy of fun into their ice-cream store. With a humble beginning, the store attracted public interest and in just three year, they had grown to eight stores.

Now, in a time-span of 60 years, there are 2500 stores operating in U.S.A and 2500 stores outsite U.S.A.

All ice-cream products selling in Malaysia's Baskin-Robbins stores are fully imported from United States. To ensure the consistency and taste of its products, each shipment of delicious Baskin-Robbins flavors is subjected to stringent quality control from the very first step to the time we serve our premium ice-cream to our customer.

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