MR DIY Stay Safe Stay Home Promotion

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MR DIY Stay Safe Stay Home Promotion

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MR DIY Stay Safe Stay Home Promotion.

Stay Safe, Stay Home and let’s fight against Covid-19 together. 

While we are under CMCO for certain areas, MR DIY would like to remind everyone to continue practicing self-hygiene and stay indoors. Get all these essentials now from MR.DIY!

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Promotion start from 16 Oct 2020

Posted on 16 Oct, 2020


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Hair Clipper Set @ RM25.90Hair Clipper Set @ RM25.90

MR DIY Premium Electric Rice Cooker @ RM51.60MR DIY Premium Electric Rice Cooker @ RM51.60

Zen Garden Handwash @ RM5.00Zen Garden Handwash @ RM5.00

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Premier Sanitizing Wipes @ RM11.15Premier Sanitizing Wipes @ RM11.15

MR DIY Garbage Bag @ RM1.53MR DIY Garbage Bag @ RM1.53

Top Glove Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves @ RM17.50Top Glove Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves @ RM17.50

Nitrile Glove @ RM17.50Nitrile Glove @ RM17.50

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Wet Tissue @ RM4.25Wet Tissue @ RM4.25

Remax Garbage Bag @ RM2.95Remax Garbage Bag @ RM2.95

4 Side Lock Food Container @ RM9.704 Side Lock Food Container @ RM9.70

MR DIY Premium Stainless Steel Double Layer Lunch Box @ RM19.57MR DIY Premium Stainless Steel Double Layer Lunch Box @ RM19.57

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MR DIY Premium Electric Kettle @ RM28.61MR DIY Premium Electric Kettle @ RM28.61

MR DIY Aluminium Foil Roil @ RM5.43MR DIY Aluminium Foil Roil @ RM5.43

Bestway Foldable Swimming Pool @ RM27.26Bestway Foldable Swimming Pool @ RM27.26

Bestway Metallic 2-Ring Inflatable Pool @ RM27.44Bestway Metallic 2-Ring Inflatable Pool @ RM27.44

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Disposable Apron @ RM8.90Disposable Apron @ RM8.90

Sprayer @ RM10.28Sprayer @ RM10.28

Sprayer @ RM5.70Sprayer @ RM5.70

Hu-Li Masking Tape @ RM1.73Hu-Li Masking Tape @ RM1.73

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Newstar Masking Tape @ RM1.98Newstar Masking Tape @ RM1.98


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