MR DIY Electrical Appliances Deals PromotionMR DIY Electrical Appliances Deals Promotion

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MR DIY Electrical Appliances Deals Promotion

Get the latest MR DIY Promotions.

MR DIY Electrical Appliances Deals Promotion.

Exclusive Electrical Appliances Deals for this month!

Featuring new arrival electrical products that you can grab at MR.DIY! Your mom might need a new electric cooker!

Come and join MR DIY celebration! Celebrating 15 Years of Always Low Prices

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Promotion start from 01 Dec 2020

Posted on 01 Dec, 2020


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Electric Kettle (1.0L) @ RM33.00Electric Kettle (1.0L) @ RM33.00

Glass Electric Kettle Black (1.8L) @ RM43.00Glass Electric Kettle Black (1.8L) @ RM43.00

Electric Kettle Grey (1.8L) @ RM35.00Electric Kettle Grey (1.8L) @ RM35.00

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Electric Kettle Black (1.8L) @ RM39.00Electric Kettle Black (1.8L) @ RM39.00

Glass Electric Kettle Brown (1.8L) @ RM43.00Glass Electric Kettle Brown (1.8L) @ RM43.00

Rice Cooker (0.6L) @ RM47.00Rice Cooker (0.6L) @ RM47.00

Rice Cooker with Stream Tray (0.6L) @ RM63.00Rice Cooker with Stream Tray (0.6L) @ RM63.00

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Rice Cooker with Stream Tray (2.8L) @ RM109.00Rice Cooker with Stream Tray (2.8L) @ RM109.00

Slow Cooker (3.5L) @ RM65.00Slow Cooker (3.5L) @ RM65.00

Slow Cooker (5L) @ RM89.00Slow Cooker (5L) @ RM89.00

Electric Grill & Flat Cooking Plate @ RM89.00Electric Grill & Flat Cooking Plate @ RM89.00

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Radiant Cooker @ RM139.00Radiant Cooker @ RM139.00

Aluminium Steamer (1L) @ RM6.90Aluminium Steamer (1L) @ RM6.90

Aluminium Steamer (1.8L) @ RM8.90Aluminium Steamer (1.8L) @ RM8.90

Food Processor @ RM39.00Food Processor @ RM39.00

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Baby Bottle Steriliser @ RM139.00Baby Bottle Steriliser @ RM139.00


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