MR DIY Back to School PromotionMR DIY Back to School Promotion

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MR DIY Back to School Promotion

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MR DIY Back to School Promotion.

New Spirit for 2021 School Term!

The new school term will start on 20th January, it's a good time to prepare your kids stationery and school supplies now! Find all necessities at your nearest MR.DIY stores!

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Posted on 02 Jan, 2021


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School Shoes (Black) @ RM12.90School Shoes (Black) @ RM12.90

Student Socks Black (3pcs) @ RM9.37Student Socks Black (3pcs) @ RM9.37

Nieki Ball Pen (8pcs) @ RM1.32Nieki Ball Pen (8pcs) @ RM1.32

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Nieki Ball Pen 1.0mm (8pcs) @ RM1.98Nieki Ball Pen 1.0mm (8pcs) @ RM1.98

Nieki Ball Pen 1.00mm (5pcs) @ RM1.79Nieki Ball Pen 1.00mm (5pcs) @ RM1.79

Nieki Mechanical Pencil Set (0.5mm) @ RM1.51Nieki Mechanical Pencil Set (0.5mm) @ RM1.51

Nieki Gel Ink Pen (3pcs) @ RM2.36Nieki Gel Ink Pen (3pcs) @ RM2.36

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Bloma Black Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm (6pcs) @ RM2.89Bloma Black Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm (6pcs) @ RM2.89

Nieki Gel Pen 0.5mm (4pcs) @ RM2.36Nieki Gel Pen 0.5mm (4pcs) @ RM2.36

Beifa Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm (6pcs) @ RM4.00Beifa Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm (6pcs) @ RM4.00

Correction Pen @ RM1.32Correction Pen @ RM1.32

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Correction Tape (3pcs) @ RM2.70Correction Tape (3pcs) @ RM2.70

Daimarse Correction Tape (6pcs) @ RM5.94Daimarse Correction Tape (6pcs) @ RM5.94

Xiao Guai Cai Eraser (4pcs) @ RM1.42Xiao Guai Cai Eraser (4pcs) @ RM1.42

MR DIY Dual-Colour Plastic Ruler (15cm) @ RM0.38MR DIY Dual-Colour Plastic Ruler (15cm) @ RM0.38

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Nieki Transparent Plastic Ruler 15cm (6pcs) @ RM1.51Nieki Transparent Plastic Ruler 15cm (6pcs) @ RM1.51

Maomaoyu Mini Smiley Highlighters (6pcs) @ RM3.11Maomaoyu Mini Smiley Highlighters (6pcs) @ RM3.11

Maomaoyu Highlighter (4pcs) @ RM1.90Maomaoyu Highlighter (4pcs) @ RM1.90

Zhiji Colour Ball Point Pen 1.0mm (6pcs) @ RM2.00Zhiji Colour Ball Point Pen 1.0mm (6pcs) @ RM2.00

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Dinglaoshi Teacher Dina Colour Pencils (12 Colours) @ RM3.03Dinglaoshi Teacher Dina Colour Pencils (12 Colours) @ RM3.03

Yalong Triangular Colour Pencils (18pcs)Yalong Triangular Colour Pencils (18pcs)

Yalong Triangular Colour Pencils (24 Colours) @ RM8.50Yalong Triangular Colour Pencils (24 Colours) @ RM8.50


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