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MR DIY Back To School Promotion (24 February 2021 - 7 March 2021)MR DIY Back To School Promotion from 24 February 2021 until 7 March 2021

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MR DIY Back To School Promotion from 24 February 2021 until 7 March 2021

Get the latest MR DIY Promotions.

MR DIY Back To School Promotion from 24 February 2021 until 7 March 2021.

With schools nationwide are set to reopen in stages starting from March, MR.DIY is offering Back To School promotions to all parents with discounts of up to 40%!

You can get our white school shoes as low as RM2 ONLY!

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Promotion start from 24 Feb 2021 until 07 Mar 2021

Posted on 25 Feb, 2021


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White School Shoes @ RM2.00White School Shoes @ RM2.00

Black School Shoes @ RM8.90Black School Shoes @ RM8.90

Stabilo Swan Colour Pencil (12pcs) @ RM1.90Stabilo Swan Colour Pencil (12pcs) @ RM1.90

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School Bag (15cm x 35cm) @ RM49.00School Bag (15cm x 35cm) @ RM49.00

Student Socks Black @ RM2.50Student Socks Black @ RM2.50

Student Socks Black (3pcs) @ RM6.50Student Socks Black (3pcs) @ RM6.50

Student Socks Black @ RM2.70Student Socks Black @ RM2.70

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Cille Sports Water Bottle (1.3L) @ RM9.90Cille Sports Water Bottle (1.3L) @ RM9.90

Cille Sports Water Bottle (850ml) @ RM9.30Cille Sports Water Bottle (850ml) @ RM9.30

Lunch Box @ RM4.30Lunch Box @ RM4.30

Lunch Box @ RM4.90Lunch Box @ RM4.90

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Cultery Set @ RM5.90Cultery Set @ RM5.90

Cultery Set @ RM2.90Cultery Set @ RM2.90

Lunch Bag @ RM9.30Lunch Bag @ RM9.30

School Bag (38cm x 9cm) @ RM49.00School Bag (38cm x 9cm) @ RM49.00

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School Bag (30cm x 13cm) @ RM59.00School Bag (30cm x 13cm) @ RM59.00

Defoile PVC A4 Book Cover (10s) @ RM2.90Defoile PVC A4 Book Cover (10s) @ RM2.90

MR DIY Back To School Promotion (24 February 2021 - 7 March 2021)

PVC Book Wrapper (450mm x 5m) @ RM2.10PVC Book Wrapper (450mm x 5m) @ RM2.10

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Color Pencil (24pcs) @ RM6.90Color Pencil (24pcs) @ RM6.90

Bicolor Colour Pencil (24pcs) @ RM3.70Bicolor Colour Pencil (24pcs) @ RM3.70

Pencil Bag @ RM3.50Pencil Bag @ RM3.50

Pencil Box @ RM3.50Pencil Box @ RM3.50

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Faber-Castell Needle Grip Mechanical Pencil @ RM2.70Faber-Castell Needle Grip Mechanical Pencil @ RM2.70

Faber-Castell Tri-Click Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm @ RM3.10Faber-Castell Tri-Click Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm @ RM3.10

Faber-Castell 28 Polymer Leads (4s) @ RM2.90Faber-Castell 28 Polymer Leads (4s) @ RM2.90

Faber-Castell Eraser 3+1 Gold Edition @ RM2.90Faber-Castell Eraser 3+1 Gold Edition @ RM2.90

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Daimarse Correction Tape (1+2pcs) @ RM2.90Daimarse Correction Tape (1+2pcs) @ RM2.90

Daimarse Correction Tape (6pcs) @ RM4.90Daimarse Correction Tape (6pcs) @ RM4.90

Highlighter Pen (6pcs) @ RM2.90Highlighter Pen (6pcs) @ RM2.90

Whiteboard Marker Pen (8pcs) @ RM2.90Whiteboard Marker Pen (8pcs) @ RM2.90

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Water Color Pen @ RM2.90Water Color Pen @ RM2.90

Glue Stick (2pcs) @ RM2.50Glue Stick (2pcs) @ RM2.50

Nikki My Junior Writing Set @ RM4.30Nikki My Junior Writing Set @ RM4.30

Faber-Castell Basic Exam Set @ RM4.90Faber-Castell Basic Exam Set @ RM4.90

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3 Ply Kids Face Mask (10pcs) @ RM1.403 Ply Kids Face Mask (10pcs) @ RM1.40

MR DIY Hand Sanitizer (65ml) @ RM2.90MR DIY Hand Sanitizer (65ml) @ RM2.90

Perect Antibacterial Hygiene Hand Wipes (20s) @ RM1.50Perect Antibacterial Hygiene Hand Wipes (20s) @ RM1.50


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