Baskin Robbins Salted Cookie Dough Fudge Ice Cream Flavor

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Baskin Robbins July 2021 New Salted Cookie Dough Fudge Ice Cream Flavor

NEW limited edition Flavor of the Month: Salted Cookie Dough Fudge, features a perfect wave of molasses-flavored ice cream, crunchy chocolate chip cookies, and a first-of-its-kind chewy salted cookie dough fudge ribbon.

Be sure to drop in at any of Baskin Robbins stores today and takeaway yours now! Better yet, you could send it to your friends to show that you miss them!

Safety measures have been implemented to ensure your worry-free visit. Calmly order for takeaway and enjoy your Salted Cookie Dough Fudge safely indoors.

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Posted on 05 Jul, 2021


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