Manjaku July Payday Promotion (valid until 25 July 2021)

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Manjaku July Payday Promotion valid until 25 July 2021

Yeaahhh! Its July Mid Month PayDay time. Manjaku have prepared many deals for you ranging from Milk Powder, Baby Food, Diapering and many more baby essential items. Sudah tak sabar nak shopping kat Manjaku ni?

Let's see what highlights Manjaku have for you:
- Buy 2x Novamil +DHA Growing Up Formula 800g @ RM147.90 (NP: Buy 2 @ RM183.60) Superb deals wehh..
- Anmum Essentials Gold S3 [email protected] RM70.90 (NP: RM86.90) - Save RM16
- Buy 2x MamyPoko Open Ext Dry SJP @ RM76 (NP: Buy 2 @ RM107.80)
and many more.

Manjaku are open as usual! You can come to Manjaku Baby Mall today. Manjaku got deals on baby formula, diapering, personal care and many more prepared for you.

You can also WhatsApp to Manjaku branches for home delivery and self pick up services.

Click on this link to locate the nearest branches to you:

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Promotion valid until 25 Jul 2021

Posted on 13 Jul, 2021


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