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US Pizza Chef Wan Specials

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US Pizza Chef Wan Specials

This CNY, let’s all celebrate a wan-derful feast with 2 of US Pizza newest pizzas, in collaboration with Chef Wan!

Wan-derful Prawn Pizza - RM38
Succulent prawn, special Thai chili paste, aromatic bunga kantan and serai!

Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Pizza - RM38
Juicy chicken, mint leaves, spicy Vietnamese sauce and lots of chili slices!

Chef Wan Specials Reviews!
"Rasa sangat unik dan sedap! Siap ada lemon boleh diperah atas pizza! Fuh, memang kenyang perut suka hati! - Hans
"Chef terbaik kot, iapa tak nak cuba kan? My fav is Vietnamese Chicken Pizza sebab pedas & sedap gila!" - Mimie 
"Vietnamese Chicken Pizza’s flavour is so strong, I just can’t get enough of it! While Wan-derful Prawn Pizza is just the bomb!" - Putera

Original Chef Wan Recipes 
- Halal 
- World Renowned Asian Cuisine 
- Limited Time Only

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Posted on 14 Jan, 2022


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