Kenny Rogers ROASTERS FREE I.Care Box at IOI Mall (2 August 2018 - 12 August 2018)

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Kenny Rogers ROASTERS FREE I.Care Box at IOI Mall from 2 August 2018 until 12 August 2018

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurant in IOI Mall has been relocated to the 1st floor and is officially back in business today! Come and check out our new layout and enjoy Kenny Rogers ROASTERS opening promos planned throughout the month. See you there! 

Promotion start from 02/08/2018 until 12/08/2018


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About Kenny Rogers ROASTERS
Kenny Rogers ROASTERS was originally set up by popular Country and Western singer, Kenny Rogers, and former Governor of the state of Kentucky, John Y Brown Jr., in 1991. Seeing an opportunity to provide healthy and delicious food in a restaurant environment, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS opened its first restaurant in Coral Spring, Florida in August of 1991.

Internationally, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS has expanded to various countries around the world and has restaurants in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia and the USA.

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