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Kek Span Oree Peanut Butter Sponge Cake at RM20

Valid from 09/08/2018

Red Lobster Red Value Meals at RM15/set only

Valid from 30/07/2018

Purple Monkey Special Deals

Chatime Thirstea Thursday 50% off for 2nd Cup

Burger King Satay Burger (from 17 July 2018)

Valid from 17/07/2018

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Swensen's Super Hot Deals

Carl's Jr. All Star Meal at RM16.80 per set (from 16 July 2018)

Valid from 16/07/2018

A&W Cool Classics Set at RM15.50

Swensen's Lunch And Dinner Treat at RM9.90

Valid from 09/07/2018

Burger King Value at RM8.85 per set

Valid from 29/06/2018

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DubuYo Seoul Terkejut

Vivatel Kuala Lumpur Express Business Lunch from RM18

The Chicken Rice Shop Breakfast from RM5 only

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