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Starbucks Anchor's Aweigh Merchandise

Valid from 15/06/2019

Starbucks 2 Grande-sized Frappuccino for RM26 (Every Wednesday)

Valid from 12/06/2019 until 17/07/2019

Starbucks Sticker Patches for RM10 (valid until 30 June 2019)

Valid until 30/06/2019

Starbucks Fantastic Monday Grande-Sized Summer Beverages for RM15 (every Monday)

Valid from 10/06/2019 until 15/07/2019

Starbucks Dark Caramel Coffee Sphere Frappuccino (4 June 2019 onwards)

Valid from 04/06/2019

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Starbucks Spring Tumbler

Starbucks FREE Rosemary Potato Chips

Starbucks FREE Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Starbucks FREE Classic Doughnut With Purchase

Starbucks New Signature Heart Collection

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Starbucks FREE Reserve Enamel Pin

Starbucks Holiday Classics

Starbucks FREE Unlock the Magic of Joy Gift Cards

Starbucks FREE 2019 Planner (start from 20 November 2018)

Valid from 20/11/2018

Starbucks Grande-Sized Handcrafted Beverage At Only RM12 Or A Venti-Sized Beverage At RM13 (11 June 2019)

Valid from 11/06/2019 until 11/06/2019


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Starbucks FREE Twenty Cups Of Tall-Sized Handcrafted Beverages (14 May 2019 - 16 May 2019)

Valid from 14/05/2019 until 16/05/2019


Starbucks Mother's Day Promotion Grande/Venti-sized Handcrafted Beverages 20% OFF (12 May 2019)

Valid from 12/05/2019 until 12/05/2019


Starbucks Grande-Sized Beverage for RM12 (11 May 2019)

Valid from 11/05/2019 until 11/05/2019


Starbucks Two Beverage Grande And A Slice Of Cake for RM29.90 Only

Valid from 06/05/2019 until 04/06/2019


Starbucks Seafest Semporna Opening Promotion Frappuccino 50% OFF (valid until 9 May 2019)

Valid until 09/05/2019


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