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US Pizza US X-Meal Promotion


GOALLLLLLLLL! And did I hear your stomach growling?

The GAME has started! Want to stay home and watch the 2022 World Cup this year? Here're some snack ideas for you! 

The all new US X-meal gives you the options of hot and satisfying snacks when you've got people over to watch the 2022 World Cup at your place. 
Whether you are watching the game with just your partner, or if your are hosting a group of your friends, US Pizza have up to FOUR (4) X-meal packages for your selections:
- X-Twin (2 pax)
- X-Large (3 pax)
- X-Family (4-6 pax)
- X-Party (6-8 pax)

Order online now, sit back and enjoy the momentous moment with your favorite team! 

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Posted on 21 Nov, 2022

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