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Chatto Taste of Malaysia (29 August 2022 onwards)

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Chatto Taste of Malaysia from 29 August 2022 onwards

The memorable tastes that you await are here.

NEW Limited Edition - Taste of Malaysia.

In celebration of Malaysia's 65th Birthday, Chatto have turned the Malaysian tastes that accompany Chatto growth into drinks!

A total of 4 Malaysia Signature Tastes reminiscent of everyone's childhood:
- Lychee Bandung
- Pandan Cendol Ice Blended
- Pandan Cendol Milk
- Chocolate Dinosaur

The taste is as good as old time with a little twist to make it even better. If you crave some good old taste, you have to try it. Tasting the Malaysia spirit, authentic, good-tasting drinks.

They are only available for a limited, starting from 29th August at selected Chatto Outlets. Be sure to check out where to get them.

Available outlets:
Chatto Tea & Coffee and Chatto Brew - Lychee Bandung, Pandan Cendol Ice Blended & Chocolate Dinosaur
Chatto Coffee - Lychee Bandung & Pandan Cendol Ice Blended
Chatto Tea -  Chocolate Dinosaur & Pandan Cendol Milk

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Promotion start from 29 Aug 2022

Posted on 26 Aug, 2022


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