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Baskin Robbins 31Day Pre-Order 31% OFF Promotion (24 January 2023 - 26 January 2023)

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Baskin Robbins 31Day Pre-Order 31% OFF Promotion from 24 January 2023 until 26 January 2023

B-R app members, 31% OFF pre-order is back to celebrate CNY Tù-gether with you!

Here's your sign to start off Tù year with a tub (or two! or eight!) of your favorite ice cream to share with your cheeky, precious loved ones! Bring the 'huat' home this Tù year and impress them with these irresistible treats!

Pre-order: 24 - 26 JAN
Pick-up: 28 - 29 JAN

- Pint 350g, 2 flavors, RM 23.80 (NP: RM 34.50)
- Quart 700g, 2 flavors, RM 45.90 (NP: RM 66.50)
- Half-Gallon 1385g, 3 flavors, RM 86.60 (NP: RM 125.50)

PS: B-R app members can enjoy more flavors in a tub too!

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Promotion start from 24 Jan 2023 until 26 Jan 2023

Posted on 24 Jan, 2023


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