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CU Choco Dino Series


Introducing CU latest creation - the Choco Dino Series, inspired by a classic Malaysian flavor.

Enjoy CU Choco Dino range of soft serve and baked goods infused with the delightful flavor of Milo. Experience the sweetness of these truly Malaysian treats with every bite.

CU Choco Dino Series:
- Choco Dino Kaw Soft Serve for RM2.99
- Choco Dino Kaw Sundae for RM4.99
- Choco Dino Kaw Milkshake for RM8.99
- Choco Dino Kream Bun for RM7.99
- Choco Dino Chigiri for RM3.70

Available now at any CU stores near you.

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Posted on 01 Aug, 2023


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