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Coffee Bean Strawberry Stamp Card Mission (valid until 31 Aug 2023)


The race for the berry-best prize isn't over! You've got an extra week to get that irresistible Vintage Strawberry Tumbler! Your Strawberry Stamp Card is waiting, and it's ready to be filled up by August 31st!

Mission 1: Minimum Spend of RM50
Mission 2: TCB Card Top-up RM100
Mission 3: Buy 2 Summer Ice Blended® Beverages
Mission 4: Buy a Summer dessert (Strawberry Haze / Lime Popsicle)
Mission 5: Add / Upgrade Chocolate Whipped Cream
Mission 6: Buy any Bagel + Any Coffee-based Beverages

For more event info: https://www.coffeebean.com.my/strawberry-stamp-card

Terms & Conditions:
• Customer can activate / start a new Strawberry Stamp Card by completing any one (1) of the missions.
• Customer is entitled to get ONE (1) stamp for each completed mission.
• Customers are allowed to collect multiple stamps within a single transaction receipt (except for missions 3 & 6).
- E.g: If customer purchases 1 Strawberries & Cream Ice Blended®, 1 Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Blended® and 1 Lime Popsicle cake, total bill is RM53.70. Customer will be entitled to 3 stamps as they completed Mission 1, Mission 3 & Mission 4.
- E.g: If customer tops-up RM100 and uses the top-up credit to purchase 1 Bagel + 1 Coffee beverage, customer will be entitled to 2 stamps as they completed Mission 2 and Mission 6.
- E.g: If customer purchases 2 Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Blended® and upgrades to Chocolate Whipped Cream. Customer will be entitled to 2 stamps as they completed Mission 3 & Mission 5.
• Not applicable with any other ongoing promotions, discounts, vouchers or privileges.
• Cannot be exchanged nor refunded for cash or other items in kind.
• Only applicable for in-store transactions.

Date: Now - 31 Aug 2023

Store Locations: https://www.coffeebean.com.my/amlocator

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Posted on 25 Aug, 2023

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