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ZUS Coffee Sea Salt Series: Embark on a Flavorful Holiday Escape with Sea Salt-Inspired Drinks


Ready to embark on a holiday escape? Brace yourself for a month of delightful surprises, starting Monday, December 4th, as we unveil a treat train of flavors at ZUS Coffee.

Take a tropical getaway with the Sea Salt Coconut Latte, redefine satisfaction with the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, or let the Sea Salt Lemon Fizz add a splash of sunshine to your day.

It's a gift from ZUS to you, promising to not only blow your mind but also introduce a new way to savor your daily necessity.

At ZUS Coffee, we believe it's a necessity, not a luxury. Join us on this flavor-filled journey!

Date: 4 Dec 2023 onwards

ZUS Coffee on Lazada: https://invol.co/clk7gam

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Posted on 03 Dec, 2023

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