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Break Your Fast in Style! A&W Jom Buka Ramadan Meals (until 9 Apr 2024)


Craving a delicious and satisfying meal to break your Ramadan fast? Look no further than A&W's Jom Buka Ramadan Combos! Perfect for sharing with family and friends, these special meal sets offer a variety of options to suit your cravings.

What's included in the A&W Jom Buka Ramadan Combos?

  • Choice of Protein: Select from the fiery Ayam Berapi or the signature Aroma Chicken (Spicy option also available).
  • Nasi Aroma or Curly Fries: Choose between fluffy aromatic rice or classic crispy fries.
  • Refreshing Drinks: Quench your thirst with Orange Juice or Root Beer.
  • Sweet Treat: End your meal on a delightful note with a Sundae Berapi (with Ayam Berapi Combos).

Jom Buka Combo Options:

  • Jom Buka Meal A (2-3 Pax) - RM50.50: Perfect for small groups, this combo includes 5pcs Ayam Berapi, 2 drinks, 2 side dishes, and a Sundae Berapi.
  • Jom Buka Meal B (4-5 Pax) - RM83.50: Great for larger gatherings, this option features 9pcs Ayam Berapi, 4 drinks, 4 side dishes, and 2 Sundaes Berapi.
  • Jom Buka Meal C (2-3 Pax) - RM43.90: Enjoy A&W's signature Aroma Chicken or Spicy Aroma Chicken with this combo, including drinks, side dishes, and no Sundae.
  • Jom Buka Meal D (4-5 Pax) - RM76.90: This larger Aroma Chicken/Spicy Aroma Chicken combo features 9pcs of protein, drinks, side dishes, and no Sundaes.

Bonus Offer: At participating outlets, get a FREE Ramyeon with the purchase of any Jom Buka Combo!

Don't miss out! Head over to your nearest A&W and enjoy a delicious and affordable Buka Puasa experience with the Jom Buka Ramadan Combos. This special offer is valid until April 9th, 2024.

Date: Now - 9 Apr 2024

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Posted on 21 Mar, 2024

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